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IV Therapy


Recover and rehydrate with IV therapy

IV hydration therapy delivers fluids, essential electrolytes, and vitamins directly into your bloodstream via a needle in your arm. This intravenous infusion provides you with immediate rehydration and 100% absorption of nutrients. Whether you’re exhausted after a business trip, a wild night out, or an intense workout, you can benefit from hydration therapy with IV Fluids.

Get same-day IV hydration therapy at our modern medical clinic in Acton, MA! This treatment is completely safe, takes less than one hour, and is virtually painless (you’ll likely only feel a small pinch as the needle enters the vein).

Classic Hydration

1000 ml Normal Saline Solution – $99

Hangover Cure

1000 ml Normal Saline ($99) plus one or both medications:
+ Zofran $25 for anti-nausea
+ Toradol $25 for headache

Stomach Flu Support

1000ml Normal Saline ($99)
+ $25 Zofran (anti-nausea)

Headache Relief

1000ml Normal Saline ($99)
+ $25 Toradol (anti-inflammatory pain medication)
+ $25 Phenergan (anti-nausea)

Vitamin Boost

1000ml Normal Saline ($99)
+ $25 Multi-Vitamins

Vitamin B IM Injection (Add-On)

This is an intramuscular injection only, no IV fluid added.
Vitamin B12 is essential for cell growth and development, and is a major building block of red blood cells.



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